Surface Treatment Tanks Manufacturing

Generally, in order to make the product produced in metal production plants to be more resistant to corrosion, it should be subjected to coating with some other materials. For this, the metal surfaces that come out of production are immersed in the coating baths with coating chemicals. The products, which are covered with the selected material after the dipping process, are sent to other parts of the facility for use at other stages of production. In order for this coating to be made, it is necessary to establish suitable coating baths in the industrial enterprises that manufacture and process metal. Coating baths are needed in many industrial production areas, especially in the metal industry. Our company is engaged in this stage and meets the needs of industrial facilities in a quality and professional manner by manufacturing and installing coating baths.

In accordance with the demand from our customers, our team primarily organizes the discovery trip to the facility that will be set up and projects the processes. In the projects carried out, the tank size and features required by the facility, quality PP or HDPE material that provides resistance to the coating chemical to be found in the tank, and additional materials to be required in the system are detailed. In accordance with the plans made, the most appropriate PP or HDPE material coating bath is manufactured. After the bathroom is manufactured, the production of the serpentines required for heating-cooling and the scrubbers required for occupational health and safety are also produced in accordance with the project. After the manufacturing of the entire system, our teams come to the facility, write the installation to all details and deliver it to you in full working order.

Our company, which is the address of quality service on surface treatment tanks, provides important contributions and advantages to the sector. First of all, using PP or HDPE material in production determines the use of the system without affecting the chemicals to be used in the tank for many years during the coating phase. Thus, the coating bath is long-lasting, and maintenance and repair costs are very low. Our company makes the system more durable and quality by throwing metal chassis under the tanks that are worked in high volumes during the project design phase. Thus, while providing high volume resistance, PP or HDPE coating used in metal chassis eliminates the risk of corrosion. If you are looking for a company that provides quality and professional service with long-lasting products, we recommend that you contact us immediately.