Polypropylene Tank Manufacturing

Polypropylene, a thermoplastic type commonly used in many fields in the world, is obtained by passing propylene through various polymerization processes with advanced technology. This material, which plays an important role in the plastics industry, has also been used in many fields such as engineering, electronics, kitchen tools, installation materials. It is also an ideal polymer material for the production of highly resistant polypropylene tanks. The fact that it is a very durable material and its cost is cheap, has prepared the environment for its frequent preference in this field.

This material with low friction coefficient and good electrical insulation is also very resistant to chemicals.

Resistant to voltage breaks.Due to the excellent processability of polypropylene, tanks used in many sectors are manufactured. These tanks are suitable for the storage of petroleum and derivatives, fuel, chemical materials. Mixing needs are also provided with mixer tanks. With serpentine tanks, heating or cooling of the material in the tank can be ensured through the pipes mounted on the inner and outer surface.

Polypropylene tank manufacturing is carried out according to the request of the person. Desired geometric shapes; vertical or horizontal cylinders, rectangular prism shaped tanks are designed. Material thickness can also be adjusted according to the product to be preserved.The size and volume are also arranged according to the needs of the recipient. Polypropylene tanks have good resistance to high pressure and temperature. In this respect, it can be said to be better than polyethylene tanks. However, it is still recommended that these tanks are not exposed to extreme high temperatures and pressures for a long time.

Because such situations can shorten the life of the tank. Otherwise, polypropylene tanks can be used up to 50 years if they are not exposed to too high temperature and pressure,Polypropylene tanks serve for purposes such as storing, mixing, heating and cooling large volumes of materials, which can withstand weather conditions, can be carried easily, without deterioration and wear.

  • Manufacture of silos, tanks and connection equipment
  • Chemical Facility
  • industrial applications
  • Reinforced concrete drinking water tank coverings
  • Pier and dock concrete pole coverings
  • Metal surface coating plants
  • Food industry storage and tank pools
  • Machinery manufacturing industry
  • Yacht and ship manufacturing industry
  • Ventilation and climate conditioning applications
  • Manhole bases and covers
  • Jumping platforms in pools
  • Decorative applications
  • Advertising and fair applications
  • Automotive industry
  • Storage boxes
  • Manufacture of boots
  • Manufacture of sea barges and fenders
  • Pump storage box in wastewater facilities
  • Pump storage box, valve, diaphragm and various cylinder applications in wastewater facilities
  • Lightweight and ease of application
  • It has wide application areas with its high working temperature resistance between 0 – 100 °
  • Suitable for heavy chemical solution environments
  • Can be used easily in covering facilities
  • Can be used in places that require bending strength due to its high flexibility module
  • Has high wear resistance
  • Not affected by impacts
  • There is there for thermal shaping. Makes contributıon to the production of the solution in the field of applicatıon
  • The surface roughness coefficient is very low
  • Does not absorb water
  • Has surface gloss
  • Suitable for health