Polyethylene Tank Manufacturing

Polyethylene is a thermoplastic product with a wide range of uses. Polyethylene is named after ethylene in monomer form. It is called (PE) in the plastics industry. It is the most used type of plastic today. It is a type of plastic used in tubes, pipes, shampoo bottles, parquets, fuel oil bottles, kitchenware, garbage bag bags, engine oil bottles and some products. The reason why polyethylene is used so much is that it is manufactured cheaply and it is robust.

The most important feature of polyethylene is its use in tank manufacturing. It is the most preferred type of plastic in the manufacture of storage tanks. Thanks to the polyethylene tank manufacture, fuel oils, natural gas, water treatment and water storage are provided more easily. It is resistant to chemicals and is ideal for storing chemicals. It is highly resistant to acids and bases. It is an environmentally friendly plastic. It does not harm the environment.

It is a long-lasting product as long as it is used in accordance with the instructions. It is included in the group of recyclable materials and recycling is possible. It is resistant to high temperature and cold. Polyethylene tanks never damage the product inside the tank and prevent the product from depreciating. It has been subjected to many tests to verify that it does not contain any carcinogenic substances. It is produced in accordance with human health conditions. So it can be used with peace of mind. Water, which is the most important source of people, is purified with pipes made of polyethylene and is offered to people.

Polyethylene tanks are a preferred product in many sectors. Tanks that can serve the purposes of storage, mixing and heating-cooling with the manufacture of polyethylene tanks are in great demand. Polyethylene tanks are easy to clean. Maintenance can also be provided easily. Products can be protected with polyethylene tanks without spoiling or exposure to any chemicals. For many years, deterioration, wear and rust are not observed in these tanks.

  • Manufacture of silos, tanks and connection equipment
  • Chemical Facility
  • Industrial applications
  • Reinforced concrete drinking water tank coverings
  • Pier and dock concrete pole coverings
  • Metal surface coating plants
  • Food industry storage and tank pools
  • Machinery manufacturing industry
  • Yacht and ship manufacturing industry
  • Ventilation and climate conditioning applications
  • Manhole bases and covers
  • Jumping platforms in pools
  • Decorative applications
  • Advertising and fair applications
  • Automotive industry
  • Storage boxes
  • Manufacture of boots
  • Manufacture of sea barges and fenders
  • Pump storage box in wastewater facilities
  • Pump storage box, valve, diaphragm and various cylinder applications in wastewater facilities
  • Lightweight and ease of application
  • Withstands extreme operating temperatures down to -40 °
  • Suitable for heavy chemical solution environments. Doesn’t corrode.
  • Has high wear resistance
  • There is there for thermal shaping. Makes contribution to the production of the solution in the field of application
  • The surface roughness coefficient is very low
  • Has high impact resistance
  • Has surface gloss
  • Does not absorb water
  • Natural colored plates have opaque light permeability. Used in decorative applications.
  • Suitable for health