Polyester Tank Manufacturing (CTFE)

Polymer substance, which is accepted as a scientific name as Polyester and CTFE in the market, is a versatile material that results from polymerization of vinyl chloride by various chemical methods. CTFE is used in packaging, in the production of toys, etc., in detergent bottles. CTFE is also used in the installation materials and in fact more than 50% of the CTFE in the world is used for the building sector. It is resistant to adverse weather conditions, high temperatures, and pressure, making it an ideal material for tank manufacturing. CTFE tank manufacturing has become a highly demanded process. CTFE tanks produced on demand can be manufactured in desired geometric shapes (such as cones, vertical or horizontal cylinders, vertical corner primas), in desired volume and length in desired thickness.

CTFE tanks show a high resistance to acid, base, alkali and solvents. It is used for many years without any wear. These tanks are very suitable for fuel storage, water storage, chemical or any liquid storage. In addition to the storage purpose, tanks that meet the need for moving are also produced. Mixer tanks are also tanks used for mixing. Among these cheap-cost tanks, there are also serpentine tanks and these tanks meet the needs such as heating or cooling through pipes from inside or outside. These tanks are used in many business sectors since CTFE tank manufacturing is at low cost.

These tanks, which are generally ordered for storage, are products that do not harm the environment or health. Recycling is possible. It is used safely. Thanks to its chemical resistance and hardness, which is the biggest advantage of CTFE tanks, it does not harm the product stored in it. With these tanks, you can meet your storage needs in the most suitable way without wearing, rusting and puncturing for many years.

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